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Window Film Helps First American Title in San Antonio Reduce Heat and Glare

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Geo Tint was happy to be called in to help First American Title in San Antonio reduce irritating heat and glare and improve the comfort in their office. After consultation, we suggested a commercial window film that is a smart alternative to window replacement. These innovative films can help reduce the excessive heat and cut the irritating glare that occurs at certain times of the day. By doing so, they also help ease the burden on the HVAC system and can reduce energy costs to keep the space comfortable. In addition, they also typically reduce 99% of the UV rays coming through the glass which can help extend the life of furniture, flooring and interior furnishings from fading caused by the sun.

Check out this picture of the installation taking place. We can retrofit these films to your existing windows cleanly and with very little disruption to your business.

If you would like more information on all the great things commercial window film can do for your space, click HERE. If you have questions regarding what you have read, please contact us by calling (210) 313-7140 for a free, no obligation quote to install window tinting in your San Antonio, Texas area home.

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